HELISWISS IBERICA completes the first installation of Garmin GFC 600H in Europe

15 Jun 2022

Press Release.


Heliswiss Iberica, GARMIN Dealer located in Spain, has completed the first two installations of the recently EASA approved Garmin GFC™ 600H Flight Control System in Airbus H125, having already confirmed a third one.
“Being one of the key target customers for Heliswiss Iberica the private owners, this new flight control system launched by Garmin has had an excellent welcome among our customers base as it provides them exactly what they’re looking for: a reduction on workload with the highest safety levels” said Xavier Domingo, Heliswiss Iberica’s General Manager.

These first two installations have been done on brand new units, already equipped with Garmin 500 and Garmin GTN 650, allowing a complete integration in their cockpits. Furthermore, the customers decided to include the optional yaw axis servo, which together with its base configuration makes a 3-axis flight control system that provides a digitally controlled smooth flying. The stability augmentation system and the H-ESP capabilities together with the hover assist mode help the pilot avoid the loss of control, stay within the operational limits and reduce the workload when landing.
Heliswiss Iberica has been a GARMIN dealer since 2011, being its key partner for avionic upgrades, “our customers come to us looking for cutting edge technologies in avionics and Garmin is without any doubt, the right OEM for that”. As a completion centre, Heliswiss Iberica offers all the equipment and services needed for this kind of project, “our customers usually look for a complete package which includes cockpit upgrades but also mission equipment, painting, cabin customization or even the leasing of the aircraft to be customized, which we also offer. We aim to provide a complete service covering everything except the operation of the aircraft itself, as our motto says: You fly, we’ll do the rest, anywhere”, declared Heliswiss Iberica’s General Manager.

Recently appointed Airbus Helicopters Official Service Center, Heliswiss Iberica has almost 40 years of experience in the MRO business with an international presence working for private owners, commercial operators and public fleets.

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