Quality and environmental policy

The Quality and Environmental Policy of Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A.  will be communicated to all company personnel and all stakeholders, it aims to achieve full customer satisfaction by ensuring that our services meet the expectations and demands of customers, and they do not harm the environment, complying with environmental regulations, thus ensuring the success of the company.

That is why it establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  • The prestige and respect as a provider of aeronautical services (maintenance and painting of aircraft) is achieved only by providing the standards of quality and service required by the customer.
  • Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. considers the constant effort to maintain and improve the quality levels of our services as a priority.
  • The quality and environmental standards are defined in the MGCMA Manual of Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. and are the responsibility of all staff being mandatory; these standards will not contradict the requirements of the PART 145 standard.
  • Ensure that quality standards will not be decreased by commercial interests.
  • Ensure good use of resources and pay special attention to the correct maintenance.
  • Establish Human Factors training for all the staff and a recurrent training program in this area.
  • The staff of Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. must comply with this Quality and Environmental Policy, striving for the continuous improvement of Quality and Environment.
  • Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. takes as commitment the compliance with the current Environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.
  • The quality and the prevention of pollution is a common goal of all sections of the company.
  • Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. is concerned with minimizing and properly managing waste and energy consumption as well as promoting recycling.
  • HWS communicates to the organization the importance of meeting both customer and legal and regulatory requirements.

It is updated and reviewed annually by the Director responsible of the company during the system review.